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TTMT #42

11 thoughts on “TTMT #42

  1. Oh, Sarah, those socks are wonderful.
    The HP broom is adorable. I missed that one, so I must not be paying attention. No worries, I’ll download it now. Your HP quilt is going to be fabulous.
    And you finished TODAY’s Out of This World Block!!!! Wow. I got 2 heart blocks done this week [bowing my head in shame]. I’m joking of course, I’m not feeling bad about myself, just so super excited about your productivity and your energy!
    My goodness! And knitting and new Hedwig socks? How cute are those?
    I’m starting to wonder if you’re a vampire. You can’t have any time to sleep!
    Have a great week.


  2. Your broom block is amazing. Your socks are awesome. I don’t think there’s any yarn combos from Arne & Carlos that I don’t like. The owl socks are going to be fun. I e made several things with those owls and they are super easy and fun. I’m always surprised at how much the owls pop simply by adding the eyes.

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  3. Omg those Owls! I prefer crochet over knitting but when I see those I really want to try to get better. Those are going to be ridiculously cute. I want to see your sock drawer. I think I would envious of it.

    Good see you getting some quilting done. The broom is cute as are the Pat Sloan blocks.

    Happy Crafting

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