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TTMT #42 | Bags & Packs | 01/08/2019

Hello All!

This is proof that plans are made to be broken. I do apologize… I never got to edit this, and actually never went back to review it.

I had a lot on my mind while recording and there are way too many ‘uhms’ but it is what it is and at least I am getting it uploaded – a bit later than planned, but still will be posted on an actual Tuesday! lol

Also here is the 12/26 TTMT link – I think it got lost in the shuffle!

Happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “TTMT #42 | Bags & Packs | 01/08/2019

    1. Thanks! I was thinking she wanted the large on… so now I will have to make Jaxon’s [small] and a large on too – to show the size difference. Yes it was so amazing of him. Thes Sara [Sew Sweetness} shipped fabrics PLUS gave me a large gift card to purchase patterns/supplies/fabrics from her shop! I continue to be ovewhelmed at those in my online communities!


  1. First of all as I’m late watching this. Condolences to you and your family. I glad you all where able to be with him. Sounds like a great man from the things you’ve posted.

    The bags are insane, Girl! Each time you post one I love as much or more than the last. Wow you have some mad bag making skills.

    I’ll will share the give a few more times before it ends.

    Hugs and Happy Crafting!

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    1. Thank you! He was a great man – so soft spoken and kind. The type to give you the clothes off of his back. It was hard to see him struggle.

      I think maybe bag making might be my jam… finally! LOL I get so uninterested in things once I have done them a few times… it’s always something different when making purses – it may be what can keep me on just one track instead of all over the place with my sewing. Let’s hope so anyway!

      Love and hugs!!!


    1. Thank you sooooo much! I think it’s safe to re-add the WordPress app back to my phone now, so I can stay updated. I have been limiting my media & computer time to just daycare and the bag making posts… still need to delete some ‘traps’ so when I am online I can stay focused! Wish me luck! lol

      Love and hugs!!!


  2. These bags you’ve been making are just fantastic! Love that squashy one especially… how neat is that?!

    That’s really cool of Mr Domestic to share that fabric with you! Art Gallery fabric is so lovely to work with but definitely a different experience than a lot of quilting cottons. I find myself starching Art Gallery fabrics more than I would some of the other brands.

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    1. Thank you! Do you mean that HOBO bag?! It is totally awesome! LOOKS like tooled leather but FEELS like minky-ish! OMG I need to buy more of that fabric!!!

      Yes it was so amazing of him. Yes AGF is very different for me, y’all know I am frugal Fanny and have not traveled far from my Walmart/Hobby Lobby/JoAnn circle of fabrics. I did find a few a bit thin but me use a lot of Shape-Flex so that helps a lot!

      Guess what – Sara [Sew Sweetness} shipped a variety of fabrics PLUS gave me a large gift card to her shop to purchase patterns/supplies/fabrics from her shop! I continue to be overwhelmed at those in my online communities!


  3. Mr. Domestic is kind and generous. I’ve been watching his videos where he is cleaning his craft room.

    Your little backpack is gorgeous! I think you have found your “thing”.

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    1. Yes he is, and totally hilarious and talented!

      Thank you! I was totally planning to make the large one for her, the smaller one would have been better to not be used for the 1st time. I am glad it turned out decent enough.


  4. Your bags are absolutely astonishing. I am flabbergasted at how gorgeous and professional they are. How wonderful that you’ve got so many wonderful fabrics from the one and only Mr. Domestic!

    I’ve been thinking about you and your family a lot recently. I love how close you all are and how hard to work to keep it that way. Big hugs to you and all of your loved ones. ♥

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    1. Thank you so much! I give so much credit to paper piecing! Having to be so precise to get the desired outcome crosses over to all my sewing projects. Oh ikr, Mr. Domestic!!!! Mind blown!!!

      Thank you for thinking of us. I have always told them how I love the bond. So many families grow apart over time. We seem to get closer! They are the best!!! Love and hugs back to you and yours!!!


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