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ttmt I`m back again ..

11 thoughts on “ttmt I`m back again ..

  1. Welcome back! I’ve missed you.

    You got quite a fabric haul and I am sure you will find just the right projects for all of it. Just as you did with the Disney villains fabric. The hat is really cute and the purse if lovely. I’ve watched Debbie Shore’s tutorial on that one and just haven’t worked up the nerve to make it yet.

    I may have sent you that Game of Thrones fabric. I remember going to JoAnn’s and some fabric just jumped off the shelf and into my cart and I knew it was meant for you. But it may have been something else. Sometimes my “old timer’s memory” just doesn’t work as well as it used to. Rainey will let us know if it was me or her.


  2. What a great group of fabrics! They will be loads of fun to use. I’m glad to hear about the sewing youtube channel. I really like that 3 pocket bag. I may make it a little bigger. Will be great for 3 projects. Your hex quilt looks wonderful, too.


  3. Wow I love the fabric you scored! I am sure you will come up with great ideas for it.
    The Hexie quilt is fabulous! I love how bright and cheerful it feels.

    I really love the bags you make. I need to try my hand at more of those types of projects.

    Have a Crafty week!


    1. Thank you I did totally score it was a great weekend. I love the Hexie to it was fun to make. Debbie shores bags are so easy and her videos are clear . You have a crafty week too x


  4. It was you I totally remembered after I filmed that it came from you , so sorry brain is like a sieve at the moment. I have been watching but not commenting, it’s been a funny few weeks and I feel like I am bordering on the depression cloud at the moment. We have spend so much of this year living in limbo and although we got good news we are having to wait to get it all finished and that’s really annoying, solicitors work at their own time ! Trying to shake the cloud but it’s been a little tough xx


  5. Love the Hexagon quilt top… it looks fantastic! That’s really too bad about the frog fabric, but I kind of love the eyes peeking up like that 😀 So fun! I like your version much more than the one in the book… I like some of the fabrics she’s used in the book version, but I don’t love the colour palette all that much.

    I’ve heard from local sellers that they have trouble selling full bolts of Tula.. she’s hugely popular, but I think more sells from the online shops that cater to younger/more modern quilters than any of the brick and mortar shops seem to manage to sell. My LQS still brings it in, but she sells more of the less bright/crazy stuff by far.

    So much fun fabric! I love Nicey Jane – I made a quilt with it.. last year maybe.. anyway it’s a favourite!

    I hope you have fun with the ruler foot! I bought one this year and it’s great when I can get it to work, but I’ve had hit and miss luck with it. (Can’t get it to sit at the right height, which messes with the tension.)


  6. So much awesome fabric. I love love love the hat. Now I think I need to make myself a fun sun hat or visor for when I have to work at station events all day in the sun. Maybe from my dr who stash. That bag is great too. But the quilt top. Wow, that is just stunning! I am not a big Tula Pink fan but it worked great in the pattern!

    We miss you too!


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