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TTMT #45 Listen to me waffle on and then I get to the WiP’s


7 thoughts on “TTMT #45 Listen to me waffle on and then I get to the WiP’s

  1. Your knitting looks great. I’d love to make that elf hat, but I don’t have anyone that would wear it. I have a mitts pattern with the owls on it, too. They are very cute.
    Just off the top of my head I had some thoughts about the t-shirt quilts. You could use your framing method of binding the edges and have it fold to the back. Also, would it help to use an extra long stitch to quilt the back on? However, my first thought is to tell the lady you have other fabric for the backing because those fabrics are not good for quilts. Good luck to you!!


  2. The mitts, scarf and stocking cap look Fantastic.
    I gasped when I saw the backing fabric for the T-shirt quilt. Wow that is going to be a chore for sure. Hoping it goes well.


  3. I love the hats & mitts. They are really adorable!

    I just about spit my coffeee when you showed the fabric they picked out…sigh
    T-shirt quilts aren’t exactly fun to begin with and that fabric is wow!
    I’m sure you will get it done but I don’t envy you. I have used minkee backing one time on regular domestic machine. I did use batting and it was a fairly large quilt. My arms were killing me. I do use it fairly frequently on the long arm with no issue but those even furrier than what I use. You are a good friend help figure those out!


  4. You’re busy, busy as usual! Nice finish on the hat and scarf. It reminds me of the hat Schwartz wears from A Christmas Story.

    Best of luck with the t-shirt quilt project. I’ve made a couple over the years and when someone else does the cutting out, the best you can do is just roll with it and lose a bit of design here and there. I have found that it doesn’t matter much when you look at the overall quilt.

    I can see using those backs with a long arm, but I can’t imagine shoving them through for fmq or even straight line quilting. You’re going to have your work cut out for you!


  5. So busy! I am watching these way behind. Those are cute bags!
    Nice knitting, although it’s almost 100 degrees here today so all I can think is how HOT they would be, lol. Very cute though.
    That is super ambitious with the tshirt quilts. You might just skip batting altogether, that way you can spray baste the finished top to the wrong side of the crazy fabrics.


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