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TTMT #547 – Retreat Reveal

A note about how very tired I look…I recorded this a week ago and hadn’t quite recovered from Retreat. I’m finally all rested up and feeling my normal self!


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TTMT #546 – Sandbox Sisters

Good friends in a time of need cure many things indeed!

That trip I’ve been talking about? It finally happened! There will be lots of photos and updates now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag.

Oh, and the fourth glass on the right is orange juice, just in case you were concerned. 😉


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TTMT #545 – Fast Talkin’

As you can probably see, I’m feeling much better today! I was sick most of the week and just started feeling like myself again yesterday. ♥

Several people have asked for the size of the tote I used for the 2/12″ strips. It’s currently packed for my sewing adventure, so I will try to get that to you next week. I can tell you it’s a Sterlite container and it’s 9″ wide on the inside. That’s how wide I folded the strips. 😉


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Protected: TTMT#28 – Sewing snippets and life updates

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TTMT #300 – jewells68 – March 5, 2019 – How Jewells Got Her Mojo Back

I am finally making things again!!! I’m crossing things off my to-do list for the year! And it’s my 300th TTMT video. Woo!!! *throws confetti*


To celebrate my 300th video, here’s my first video from July 30, 2009. Almost 10 years ago!!! In it you can see my very first block that I paperpieced. This is basically when I first started learning to quilt. And it’s also before I taught myself to crochet. OMG it is so blurry, though. Wow. I think I recorded it with my old laptop. Also, I think those were my favorite glasses ever. I need to find some more frames like that.

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TTMT #36 | Decisions & Changes | 09/11/2018

Hi All!

The regular chatter… no finished projects to show, but nice fabrics for future bags that I have planned to work on.

A final conclusion to many months of weighing out some pros and cons…

Also here is the site link I mentioned: and there is also a Facebook group.

Have a creative week!

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TTMT #75 The Light Shines Through

Hi everyone,

This is actually last weeks video, that was forgotten, while I had the stomach flu.

I did a lot of editing on this, and looks a bit choppy. Still learning to edit properly. At least I got it down from 20 to 5 minutes.

Love you all.