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TTMT #348 – jewells68 – April 1, 2020 – That’s 3 Quilts My Friends, Blowing in the Wind…

Sorry about the crappy sound but I’m outside. I am just thrilled the neighbor quit using his power tools right as I started filming. And the the dog forgot I was there until the end. But finally, here’s those three quilts I was meant to turn in to Project Linus in March, before the meeting got cancelled. At least I got to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day today!

Meet the back of my pink house.

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TTMT #343 – jewells68 – February 18, 2020 – Baby’s Got Quilt

Short video about the gifted whole cloth flannel baby quilt, the first quilt done on my Qzone Hoop Frame. No time to quilt this past week due to way too much adulting. Many more quilts to follow! 🙂

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TTMT #334 – jewells68 – November 26, 2019 – That’s Three, Three Finished Charity Quilts, Mwahahaha!

In which I show my last 3 Project Linus blanket donations for 2019, reaching my goal of 12! The jelly roll race and small pinwheel quilt were pieced by Susan P, with Jennifer O.  adding a border to the small one and quilting that one for me. I pieced the Lobster Quilt earlier this month at retreat and left it with Jennifer O. to quilt. She did an amazing job of quilting waves all over the quilt. I am so thrilled that with the help of these two wonderful ladies I will reach my goal of at least 12 blankets donated this year to Project Linus. Thank you both for your generous help!

Edited to add apparently I was in a rush to get to work yesterday morning and forgot to actually publish this post. *smacks head* So here I was rushing to get it done on Tuesday for once and here I am posting it on Wednesday. *sigh* oh well.

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TTMT #319 – jewells68 – July 16, 2019 – Blast from the Past

I originally planned to insert this into a video I would record today, but have decided in the interest of time (mostly MY time, lol) I would just use this footage from Friday, in which you’ll see the finished Red work/Bluework quilt for Project Linus, washed and ready to turn in, which I did this past Saturday. I’m right on track for my annual Project Linus goal of 12 for the year… 7th month – 7th quilt.

Thanks for watching and see you next week!

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TTMT #310 – jewells68 – May 15, 2019 – Quick Chick(ens)

Fowl Play is quilted and bound! Just have to bury a couple threads and add the Project Linus label before washing ans storing it til the June meeting. Woohoo! Also, I found my camera! We are back in HD, baby. 🙂

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TTMT #517 – Oodles of Orphan Blocks!

Sorry, no kitty cameos today. I have been a bit too incapacitated to follow cats around the house! 😉

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TTMT #306 – jewells68 – April 16, 2019 – Dino Bits

In which I show you some recent fabric donations I brought home from Project Linus last weekend, along with my finished Linus quilt. I also brought home some of this lovely lady’s book collection, to go through and see if I wanted to save any of the patterns, but I totally forgot to show you those! So I will try to remember to show you those next week.

Thanks again for the green and yellow quilt top, Susan!