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TTMT #345 – jewells68 – March 10, 2020 – Another One Nearly Done!

In which I come to you from a totally different perspective this week! Just decided to mix things up a bit. Quilted another Project Linus quilt this past weekend. Just need to finish binding these 3 quilts and label and wash so I can turn in this Saturday… which will put me at 3 donations for 2020, one ahead of schedule! Have a great week!

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TTMT #333 – jewells68 – November 20, 2019 – Still Doing Stuff

A bit of rambling but I still managed to keep it under 5 minutes. Not a lot of show but some tell about what’s currently happening in the Project Room. Currently binding three quilts for Project Linus that will be turned in at the December meeting and holiday party. TTFN!

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TTMT #318 – jewells68 – July 9, 2019 – Noodling Around

In which you see the beginnings of a special memorial quilt I’m working on while I blather on about basting with pool noodles and my dedication to imperfection. Cheers!

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TTMT #302 – jewells68 – March 19, 2019 – Makin’ Progress

I could have edited this more, but am running short on time. Doing this on my lunch break! I’m working on last year’s swap quilt while also finishing up quilting my first quilt on the frame so far this year!

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TTMT #37 | Progress! |09/18/2018

Hey All!

I am finally able to show some things that are finished! I also added photos from our church quilting group.

Sorry for the delay… this was ready to post on Tuesday, but that gift had not been given so I just delayed the actual publishing until after I expected to get the notification that it was received.

Have a great week!

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TTMT #36 | Decisions & Changes | 09/11/2018

Hi All!

The regular chatter… no finished projects to show, but nice fabrics for future bags that I have planned to work on.

A final conclusion to many months of weighing out some pros and cons…

Also here is the site link I mentioned: and there is also a Facebook group.

Have a creative week!

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TTMT #35 | Getting Back On Track! | 09/04/2018

Hi all!

Happy September…. already!

Well, I struggled with the yawns again, but nowhere near as bad as the other time… so no more late night recordings!!!

Just a few ramblings today and a big announcement at the end!!!

Have a crafty week!