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No Video This Week

But I am sure you all knew, since it is late Thursday afternoon. Had another new family of 3 start on Monday, so I have had to focus on daycare. In my small amount of free time I did absolutely nothing! Well, I made mental notes on making a Waldorf inspired tree house for the peg dolls. I included a few pics!

Hoping next week will be different. Have a great weekend!

Some of the completed dolls…. including 2 coats of Mod Podge
Our make-shift tree house for the peg dolls… using cutting boards and the Nature Blocks
Small branches from my Basswood tree… ready to cut to make our own tree house!
My basswood tree… now that I know this is the wood used for many toys, I have plans for the branches when we prune it!
TTMT Video

TTMT #64 | #daycarelife | 06/25/2019

Hi All

Sorry for the long video – guess it’s like last week and this week combined.

Have a Creative week!