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TTMT #292 – jewells68 – December 31, 2018 – Year End Mug Rugs

In which I say farewell to 2018 and hello to the new year… or some crap like that. Finished projects, new crafty goals, keepin’ it simple.

Happy New Year, y’all!

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TTMT #65 Mother’s Day Video

Hi everyone,

So excited about posting here.

I taped this on Saturday, with a guest appearance, you will have to watch the video to see who it is. Haha.

In the video I talk about invisible thread, I don’t like it, but have had a suggestion from several people about only using it as the top thread only and normal thread in the bobbin. (I didn’t know that tidbit). So I will try again very soon. For straight line stitching with a walking foot it works great, but not so much for free motion. I have some left, so will persevere with it until it is finished and then make my final decision.

In other news!

I have a second secret pattern I have been working on since taping the video, which has a deadline, so there has been no sewing yet this week. It is my first complex applique design that is for a blog hop coming up. It has several layers. The design process was fine, and putting the pattern together with instructions was fine. BUT! It is not at all the same as putting together a paper pieced pattern. I made the pattern as complete as possible, thinking it was done. And sent it to an experience applique designer to check for me. She has given me a load of advice, which meant more work. Ugh! But 3 days later I am nearly done with the extra layout bits I had to work on. At first I was “Complex Applique is to much work, I don’t think I will do this again” But! Now that I am nearly done, I am happy with what I have accomplished and this process is going to make life so much easier for the “maker”.  I feel excited again.

That is it for me today.

Hope everyone has an awesome crafty week further.


Vanda Chittenden