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Uploading and Sharing Your Video

Hello, friends!

I’ve had some questions recently about uploading to YouTube, posting to WordPress, and scheduling posts. I thought I’d do (quick!) tutorial to hopefully answer all of these questions.

This tutorial explains how to upload using a computer. Using a phone or tablet (both YouTube and WordPress have apps) are a little different, but have the same settings and are fairly easy to use.

upload tutorial 00

Once you have your TTMT video saved and ready to upload, you’ll visit YouTube (make sure you’re logged in) and click on the upload symbol (top right-hand side of the screen).

upload tutorial 01

To share your video on the Talk to Me Tuesday WordPress site, the video must be either “public,” “unlisted,” or, “scheduled.”

  • If you’re uploading the video when you want to post it AND you want it to show up in YouTube searches, choose “public.”
  • If you’re uploading the video and want it to post later, choose “scheduled.” If you choose scheduled on YouTube, make sure you choose the same schedule time on WordPress (see below).
  • If you’re uploading the video and don’t want it to show up in YouTube searches, choose “unlisted.”

Once you’ve chosen your privacy settings, click on the big grey arrow to upload your video. Once you’ve selected a file, you’ll go to the next screen.


upload tutorial 03 (2)There is a lot going on on this page.

Your video url (link) is on the left.

If you’re scheduling your video for later, you can change the time and date on the right-hand side.

The button at the top right is for publishing now or later.

You can add title and tags here, too (center of page).

If you to choose your own thumbnail, this is also the place to do that (bottom of the screen).

upload tutorial 04

Once your video is in progress on YouTube, you can start your WordPress post!

Go to Make sure you’re logged in. If you’re new to TTMT and don’t yet have permission to post, contact me.

Click on the “write” button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

(Note: if you’re using the WP app, the “write” button is an orange circle on the bottom right-hand side.)

upload tutorial 05

Posting to WordPress is SUPER easy.

Fill in your title.

Copy and paste the video URL (link) in the text box.

If you want to publish later, you can do that under “status” in the right-hand column. This is also where you can add tags to your post.


upload tutorial 06

When you’re ready to publish, push the “Publish!” button. You’ll have one more chance to change your video settings before you publish.

Easy peasy!

I hope this answered your questions. Please let me know if I need to clarify anything.


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Feedback & Updates

Hello, friends!

Thank you for the amazing feedback from the last few weeks. It’s been very helpful in my effort to make the new site easy peasy to use.

The About TTMT page has been updated with current community information. It should have everything you need to know to be part of TTMT.

I was unable to change the font color with the current (free!) layout, but I was able to make it bigger and bolder. A couple of you let me know the old font was too light for you to read.

Last, a reminder that I will continue to support the Livejournal community through June 2017.

As always, let me know if you have any comments or questions!


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For some time, and for a number of reasons, the Talk to Me Tuesday Livejournal community has been discussing finding a new home. After weeks of thought and discussion, WordPress seems to be the best option for us.

I don’t expect much will happen here right away and am personally considering this a backup option for the moment. If this works best for us, I suspect it will take some time to transition our active members from the LJ community to being Authors here on WP.

For the time being, we will be using the free blog option and will stick with the WordPress address. If our community finds the ads overwhelming, we can later upgrade to a paid account.

Questions? Comments? Please do let me know!