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TTMT #49

Hello guys!

I made a video last week and forgot to upload! This is that video. I very busy at work at the moment I’m on my 11 day work week and then I’m off. I’m currently on just day 3 of 11. I will try to sneak in a video next week with just a little life updates. Like having my car hit again for the third time this year (done where my fault for the record). I feel at the moment like I’m trying to climb my mountain at work but just being stuck in the valley. I can’t wait to get my hands on the baby PoD so I can just quilt when I’m off and relax my mind. See y’all next week. Thank you for letting my rant in this post.

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Birthday swappers

Hello all
Not sure if I am going to be able to post. Video this week as kids are still on hols. To the August birthday swaps I have you stuff but can’t post until the 16th due to finances. I will send on that day so should get to you for the end of the month and if you let me know a British candy or chocolate you like I will totally include it xxxx 

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To our August Birthday Swappers

Terri and Kristel, I have had your fabric and cards (and envelopes) on my desk at work since last week but haven’t managed to get them in the mail. I promise to mail them by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Sorry for the delay!



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TTMT #4 The week I had 29 finishes


I decided to force my crafting mojo back. I pulled out Robbie’s socks and made myself sit there and work on them for a couple hours no matter how I felt about knitting at the time. It worked! I was able to add a couple inches to the socks, finish a shawl, and get some sewing done too. Good thing too because I have a long list of wips that need finishing.

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TTMT 8-8-17 No Video this Week

And there is a reason for the lack of video.  I got one of my quilts back from Missouri Star and got the binding complete and it’s been washed.  I don’t want my son to see this until his birthday in October so I didn’t want to post a video of it on YouTube just in case he or Vanessa might see it.  When I made the goal to try to quilt all of my finished tops in the next few years, I asked my boys to choose which one they would like.  This is the one Pat chose.  (Chris’s choice is one I’ll try to quilt myself since it is smaller.)

I am totally in love with this quilt.  I made the top several years ago – one of the first ones I ever made.  The blocks and the little border squares are hand-pieced and this quilt taught me that I do not want to do that again!!!  The quilting on it is done in light green so it pops on the black squares and especially on the back of the quilt.  Patrick has always been partial to St. Patrick’s day (wonder why?) so I chose the shamrock and leprechaun hat quilting.

This week I also tested a block for Jennifer (which I love) and have finished 24 of 62 tissue holders.  I started these yesterday and have all of them cut out and the first 2 seams done so the hardest part is done.  Only have 2 seams and turning to go on the rest.  These will be given to survivors attending Athena’s Run for GYN Cancers in September.  I’m also hoping to finish 60 snap tabs.  I think having these done by Sept. 21 is doable.  I’ll show these next week.

Meanwhile, I’ll be watching your videos and I’ll see you next week.

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TTMT #433 – Warhol Meets The Lion King

Lion King finish! I couldn’t love this quilt more! ♥

Gracie King/Queen video from the manufacturer. Not a paid endorsement, I just love my frame and this is better than my rambling about it. 😉

In this video:




TTMT Video

TTMT#8-Binding done with more binding to go…