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TTMT #96 Warm Sunshine and Chirping Birds


LOOK! I figured out how to add pictures!! lol   These are the awesome scraps that I received from Susan. I was happy to see some light colored fabrics. I never seem to have many light fabrics in my stash. Susan also sent some of her infamous pepper fabric scraps. Now I can be a Pepper too 🙂   Thank you so much Susan! I am going to process these scraps and cut most of them into 2.5″ squares for a scrappy 4 patch shower curtain I’m working on.

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TTMT #60 | Signature Quilt Squares & The 2019 Heart Walk | 05/21/2019

Hi All!

So, we are still being rained on… 🌧☂️🌩⛈☔🌦 I’m about to collect wood so I can get started on my ark! So glad I have been too busy to want to garden 🌱… I would be upset! Lol But even though the tomato plants are missing all of this free water💧, they are not out there freezing🌡 or getting blown away🌬. I really don’t know what Mother Nature is doing to us! 😞

Hope all is better in your location! Any-who… here is my brief rambling for the week along with video/photos from the Quad City Heart Walk!

Have a great week!

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TTMT #311 – jewells68 – May 21, 2019 – Sew. Much. Fabric!

In which I show you the awesome box of fabric received from Susan in NC. Her generous gift will make the backs (and fronts!) of many a Project Linus quilt to come! And maybe a TTMT swap quilt, too! My accuquilt go is getting quite the workout this week!

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My future quilt for work TTMT #19

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TTMT #521 – 521 on 5/21

I’m probably more amused by my title than I should be. 😛

Also, I recorded this yesterday because I was stuck at home waiting for UPS. I say “today” several times. That would now be yesterday. 😉


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TTMT #76 — The foxes are finished

This only took 6 days to upload…still no Wi-Fi at home from the lightning storm last weekend.


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TTMT #81 Just a bit of knitting