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TTMT #720 – We Have A Name!

In which I share my finished Star Wars mini, show a vibrant fabric purchase, and announce the name (and winner!) for my heirloom reproduction quilt!

The giveaway in this post is not sponsored and all prizes were provided by me.

❤ Jennifer O.

6 thoughts on “TTMT #720 – We Have A Name!

  1. String Pieced Picnic is a great name. Julie did a great job coming up with it.

    Thank you for the shout out for Corner Curve Quilts LLC. I love the green star fabric you purchased.

    The “Star Wars” wall hanging turned out good.


  2. Love the name! Also, what a great prize, that’s fun.

    I almost bought that same fabric but am currently trying to NOT buy fabric, lol.

    I so much want you to be FREEEEEEE to do what you will.


    1. The fabric was just too great to pass up and I will admit, made a nice gift to me while I felt like garbage last week!

      The name seems right, you know. Simple, but just right!

      Fingers crossed for freedom. So much to do!!


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