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TTMT #719 – Some Progress

In which a very low-energy me shares what I was up to last week. You’ve got one more week to leave a Picnic-themed quilt name for a (hopefully!) fun prize! Comment wherever you watch, I’m keeping track and will choose a name next week.

❤ Jennifer O.

6 thoughts on “TTMT #719 – Some Progress

  1. I REALLY hope you feel better soon. Your quilt back is simply fantastic, and I love that it used up so much fabric. I just added a couple ideas for naming the picnic quilt on your last video since I’m just catching up this morning, but I do not need a prize. So if you end up deciding to use one of mine, take your second choice and give them the prize. 🙂

    I am so very glad you finally got your Qnique back and that it worked ok when you tested it. ((HUGS))


    1. Girl, I SO want to feel better. These last few days have been looooong.

      Isn’t the quilt back amazing? It came out even better than I expected. I meant to say that I have some fabric from vacations I’ve taken (Lobsters!) as well as some from Rainey, but my tired brain could barely speak English, so no such luck.

      Also, you don’t get to decide whether I send you something or not, so there, lol!

      As soon as I’m feeling better, I’m going to look through the quilts I have ready to go to see if any fit the larger parameters your group needs. Even if I can only quilt one pass at a time, I REALLY want to quilt. Am I correct in thinking that your group prefers larger quilting?


      1. Not so much large quilting as just not really dense. Your style of medoium to large meander would be perfect depending on the batting recommendations.

        I could really tell how tired and not feeling good you are.


  2. Oh I hope you are feeling better soon! I love the quilt back. So fun and happy feeling. I am glad you got your machine back. The test quilt for it is just delightful! Perfect size to test and rest with! It’s so frustrating when it’s gone. I am happy you have it back and wait for a healthy you.

    Ok Girl! You just need to send all the cat toy links! That is to much!

    Hope you feel better very soon!


    1. I’m a little better today. Looong few days, though!

      It makes me so happy to have my machine back even though I’m personally not full powered yet. So much to quilt!

      Cat toy link for the snake is the my description. 🐍 It’s a love/hate relationship, lol!


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