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TTMT #134 Totes and more

4 thoughts on “TTMT #134 Totes and more

  1. Take a book with you for jury duty. At least in Michigan, we cannot take cell phone into the building.

    The bags all turned out great. I’m not sure which is my favorite.

    The playbill blocks are coming together nicely.

    Getting to spend time with your daughter and volunteering sounds like a fun.


  2. Girl, there is nothing like a retreat to cleanse your soul! I’m so glad you and Sarah got to do that together. Your Broadway blocks are coming along great and I’m sure they’re going to be so appreciated when they’re done.
    All the bags are fabulous! Well done to you and your daughter!
    The org y’all volunteered for sounds brilliant. What a great way to spend time with your girl!
    Good luck to S on All The Things! And good luck to you with jury duty.


  3. I’m really glad you got to do the retreat with Sarah. I am ready for another retreat myself I think, though instead of a retreat I need to lock myself in the project room with my Moxie, coffee, a bag of nuts, and a gallon of water and get to quilting, lol.

    The bags turned out really good. I think she did great for her first time. I really like the idea of that clothing charity. That sounds really good. When I was working fulltime I loved having jury duty. I could bring a book, some crochet, and just relax while I waited.


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