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TTMT#31623-Sing for a finish!

3 thoughts on “TTMT#31623-Sing for a finish!

  1. Dear Jane is really growing! Looks amazing.

    Happy early birthday to your daughter. I hope she loves the mini quilt project!

    I saw your FB posts about the fire. I hope blocks manifest and you have enough asap.

    Happy sewing!


  2. Dear Jane is looking fantastic!

    I love the mini quilt for your daughter. I’m knee deep in musical blocks. I think I need 16 or 20 per quilt. 😬
    Yours look great.

    Happy Crafting


  3. So many Dear Jane blocks behind you! It’s looking so good.

    Frankly I’d rather be sewing, lol. But shop hops are definitely more fun with friends.

    the broadway blocks look great. I don’t mind the letter so much, but at this point I’ld probably end up using my cricut, lol


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