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TTMT#3823-Very little

3 thoughts on “TTMT#3823-Very little

  1. Oooo, Dear Jane is looking fantastic! The colors are so good.

    Your guild meeting sounded crazy! I hope you either put a kibosh on the hybrid meetings or find someone who can run that part for you. That is a lot of work for just five people.

    Enjoy the shop hop. A road trip work a friend just sounds fantastic.

    Fingers crossed you dodged this round of the plague!


  2. Those Dear Jane blocks are looking great. The scrap hoarder in me has been actually contemplating the EQ add on for the Dear Jane and doing a scrappy version. But if I do it’s going to the end of the list.

    Sounds to me like you just created a new board position for your guild. Makes sense to me to have a dedicated person.

    Yikes, I hope you escaped the plague this time. Watching this very late.

    Cute shamrock towel!

    Those bow-style needle threaders are actually my favorite type.


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