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TTMT#21423-Happy Valentine’s Day!

7 thoughts on “TTMT#21423-Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Oh bummer on the covid tests! I wonder if it’s possible you already had it but just hadn’t tested positive yet. I’m sorry Paul is not feeling well, but I am sure he will love your quilt.

    I love that quilt top you made using your dies! So you folded your fabric in a way that avoided cutting to make the half circle for the death star? What a great idea!


    1. Yeah, was wondering too but the dates don’t line up. It’s been running rampant in our county and the next county over. Winter blues


  2. Get well soon.

    The quilt with your Accuquilt dies is bright and fun. Maybe a border of the triangle in a square units with points alternating directions. What ever you come up with will be neat.

    The Star Wars quilt is wonderful. Next time you have a movie marathon you can snuggle under it.


  3. Ugh so sorry you have it again. I have yet to have it either. I’m little freaked out to get it now.

    I tested this week because I am sick for the first time in a really long time but all the test have come up negative. So just a regular gross 🤣

    I love that top. It looks so good. Honestly I think it’s fine with or without a border.

    Oh the Death Star turned out fabulous!

    I hope y’all are feeling better.


  4. Sorry to hear you’ve gotten sick.. but glad it’s been an easy go!

    The batik quilt top is really beautiful! It looks great!

    Your Death Star turned out great… that’s a great fabric choice. This is going to be a really cool project for your husband.


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