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TTMT #455 – jewells68 – February 14, 2023 – Finishes and Fabric

It’s a loooong one, sorry y’all!

In which I show my first two Project Linus donations for this year as well as some fabric and orphan blocks I brought home to make more charity quilts. I’ve been working on some things for Hip Stitch but hope to be back at the Dia de los Muertos quilt very soon. Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I love my TTMT sisters!

10 thoughts on “TTMT #455 – jewells68 – February 14, 2023 – Finishes and Fabric

  1. The quilts are so cute. I love them!! Looks like you got some great fabrics and some fun projects ahead.
    I’m so glad you liked the boa..I couldn’t help but laugh watching the fuzzy pen slowly work it’s way up. your is a scalpel, I didn’t dawn on me until you said that.


    1. It’s really fun. Did you come up with that or get it from a tutorial or something? It’s really cute. I think I’m taking the pen to work with me so I always know where my pen is, lol.


    1. That zig zag fabric. I was bummed I didn’t have quite enough to use for binding on that too. So good.

      I have a couple things I want to finish first including the Dia de Los Muertos quilt and then I plan to schedule a quilting weekend to get some tops quilted. Which will mean I need backs, so I’ll see if any of the “new” fabric will work for those so I don’t have to find a home for it.


  2. Hey, cool t-shirt. 😋

    The garment rack works so dang well for quilts. Yay Carebear quilts! They look even better quilting. BFF retreat is the best. Always.

    Chevron ftw! I love a small meander. It’s one of my favorite things to do, as you know.

    The Sunbonnet Sues remind me of the ones I have from my great-aunt. You have so many! They will make a great quilt. So lovely.

    Omg, the cats! 😂

    Aaaah, Sunrise is so pretty!

    🎶 Quilting in the morning, quilting all through the night! 🎶

    I’m loving the boa, it’s so good! Mine also matches my thread catcher. Since I’d already made this week’s video, I recorded myself opening mine for next week.

    I love a sewing scalpel. They are great for ripping serged seams or anything really tight like embroidery.


    1. I am loving that garment rack. I also love then when I’m not using t I can fold it up and store it under my bed.

      Those chevrons, I love those so much. Some of the fabric I grabbed was super graphic like that. I figured at the very least I can use it for binding.
      I will for sure find a way to use those sues. the other orphan block user in my group was worried about the base fabric being so thin, but I really think a lightweight stabilizer will work fine.

      I love the boa. I plan to take it to my Paper Piecing Club next week. It’s a great travel piece.


  3. The Care Bear quilts look like they came out super cute.

    Looks like you’re going to have a lot of Linus stuff to use up, but there’s some fun things in there… I’m certain you’ll come up with lots of creative uses for all of it.


    1. I did so good the previous month not bringing home anything but a few orphan blocks but they really were hounding us to take stuff home. I’m planning to bring some stuff in March that I don’t want in my stash anymore to see if anyone wants it.

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