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TTMT #124 Rag Quilt and Quilters Boa

My granddaughters baby blankets made into a rag quilt. Quilters Boa- Boa Pattern here

7 thoughts on “TTMT #124 Rag Quilt and Quilters Boa

  1. I for one adore my new Boa! It’s such a great idea. I love the fabric you chose for me. It’s perfect.

    I find purple thang very helpful when you are trying to get those seams to stay flat before you sew an intersection. It’s also helpful for turning corner when you are making things that need those corners pushed into place. So many fun tools!

    Thank You again. I love it!

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  2. Oh, I love the blankets from your grandbaby’s receiving blankets. That’s such a lovely idea.

    I can’t believe how many boas you made! They are so fun and everything you included is just so thoughtful and honestly, just want we all needed right now.

    Ah! I remember the measuring tape fabric.

    Now, we need a TTMT retreat so we can all wear our Jeanie’s super awesome quilter’s boas!

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  3. Jeanie I love my boa so much, I’m planning to wear it to my next session of Paper Piecing Club at the shop. I had never used a purple thang until my last bff retreat when I borrowed Jennifer’s, I usually use a chopstick instead. I have to say I used it this morning when binding a quilt and it was fantastic. So thank you so much!

    I love the rag quilt. Lots of folks leave out the batting, especially in warmer climates. I love that the leftovers became a doll quilt.

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