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5 thoughts on “TTMT#2723-Disjointed…sorry

  1. Girl, I can’t believe you are sick again! I am so sorry. Your recent trip looked like you had a blast and I’m happy for that. The new blocks are gorgeous. I’ve used my accuquilt for a ton of strips but I don’t think I’ve done any actual blocks from it. Those look fantastic! Happy sewing.


  2. LOL! Not again…still…and not funny. Thanks, I’m really liking these blocks. I finished them before dinner, now I’m going to work on secondary ones. Hope things are going better for you and your family. What a mess! Hang in there.

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  3. I have not bought any of those BoB dies but those look fantastic! I have done a tumbler quilt and I love how easy they are to assemble the way they incorporate those little notches they add to help you line them up. I thought about selling some of the out of print Alexander Henry Dia de Los Muertos I had but instead am incorporating all of them into my latest quilt. I am planning to do more “shopping” from my stash this year and whittle this fabric stash down a bit more.

    I’m sorry you are still sick. You may be right, t could be the air getting blown around. We have the mitsubishi split units at the shop now and I sneeze more there than I do at home and I have dust all over the damn place at home, lol. Maybe an air purifier or humidifier would help?


  4. I really hope you are feeling better by now. I definitely sick less often living south of the Mason-Dixon lol

    I think it is furnaces and lack of outdoors. The air is so dry with the furnaces running all winter and it’s not always any better outside for humidity. Fresh at and less intense heating is a huge difference for me.

    I love the quilt you did. I was wondering what inspired it when I saw it on Fbook. It looks really good.


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