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TTMT-Hello 2023!

2 thoughts on “TTMT-Hello 2023!

  1. Welcome back, lady! It’s good to see your face. I am sorry you’re still feeling poorly. Ugh, I am so sorry your PCP didn’t listen to your concerns. That is so frustrating.

    Oh, I feel that DIY story. We have a fairly recent floor that’s coming up due to humidity that needs to be re-glued. Very frustrating.

    Tee Turtle is so good. I love your shirts.

    Your Dresden plates are just lovely. Excellent use of your Accuquilt, too. Wow!

    I’ve also been putting away a lot of UFO fabric. There just aren’t enough hours in the day and it’s time to move on!


  2. I have been getting tougher with myself about UFOs as well. She is totally right when she talks about how our tastes grow and change over the years and it might not be our style anymore, what fabric we chose, etc. It’s ok to let it go.

    I hope you are feeling a lot better now, especially after your trip. I am so behind on watching these that I know where you went!


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