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TTMT #130 The one that got quilted

8 thoughts on “TTMT #130 The one that got quilted

  1. New Juki, woo! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine.

    The border on your quilt is so good. I love how it pulls the colors out. The coffee cups are just perfect.

    I really hope I can make it to your quilt show. It’ll depend entirely on how much my foot is still swelling by the time it happens. If I can sit for three hours to drive, I’ll be there!


    1. I think I’m going to love the Juki as well. What I loved about my 440 was the very sturdy feeling. Juki feels very similar.

      I was so unsure about the border but I love how it came together.

      Well you are definitely invited and welcome to stay for a day or two of sewing if you would like. You see how you are feeling when the time comes.

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  2. The friends quilt looks amazing, I love the coffee cup quilting design. ALso I hope you really love your Juki. Workhorse is the perfect name for that thing. I wish it were easier to lug around. Sew Sweetness has a pattern for a wheeled bag that folks have used to make a travel bag for these machines, but just looking at the supply list overwhelms me so I think I’ll just keep my eye out for one to buy, lol


    1. I have one of her patterns. I definitely could have just bought the finished item for what I had to spend on the supply list. I love her stuff but not enough make things I don’t enjoy making. So I have a kind of gross old back that was my mother in laws. I have tried cleaning it over and over again. It’s just smells like a musky basement.
      So I gonna keep my eyes peeled for a bag.

      I think I will love it. I’m gonna use it exclusively until I get used to it. As I’m a little slow because I’m not used to it.


      1. I’ve just remembered that I can order one at cost plus 10% from work, lol. So I’m going to look at the tutto bags and see which one is the right size for my juki


          1. Tutto has it broken down by machine brand and machine on their size. It would take an XL (24″ trolley). I am still vascillating. I had been looking at wheeled tool boxes on amazon a while back and I might check those out again. I want something super sturdy with room for supplies.


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