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TTMT#122722-Baby it’s cold inside! achoo!

5 thoughts on “TTMT#122722-Baby it’s cold inside! achoo!

  1. Well, I sure do hope you’re feeling better by now! It is so crummy to feel bad over Christmas.

    That knitted blanket! Your daughter did a gorgeous job! I know how wonderful it feels to get a handcrafted gift when you were the person who usually gives the handcrafted gifts. How absolutely wonderful!

    Looking at your son’s quilt, I would never know that it was an older quilt that you updated. It looks perfect and I’m sure he will love it. Now, I really hope they have trained that puppy not to chew on everything!

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  2. Have fun visiting your son and niece. The projects you plan to take sound good. I like to take projects with me when I travel. I need to get my Dear Jane back out

    The hand made knitted blanket is delightful. It probably is more precious since your daughter made it for you. She did a great job.

    Your son’s Tshirt quilt turned out great. I really like the straight line quilting. I’m sure he will get many more years of use out of it.

    Get well so you can enjoy your travels.


  3. Sorry to hear you were sick over Christmas.. that sucks! I hope the few days since you’ve posted this have only had you feeling better.

    Glad you were able to get the repairs done! Looks like it’s turned out really well.

    Oh that knit blanket looks super cushy and lovely. Great colour.


  4. I really hope you are feeling a lot better now. It does stink when you get sick over the holidays and don’t get to spend time with all the family and friends that you would like to.

    I am really impressed with the repair job you did on your son’s quilt, that looks really great, like a new quilt, from here anyway. 😉

    It’s so wonderful to get a hand made gift from someone you love. It seems like we, the makers, don’t get them very often, doesn’t it, but we really appreciate it when we do, because we know the effort and love that went into it. It looks really cozy and soft.


  5. I love the blanket your daughter made you. It’s so fun when our kids finally get crafty 😃

    Sorry you’ve been sick so much.

    I have seen the puppy! That face!!! It’s all forgotten 😁

    Feel better!


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