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TTMT #449 – jewells68 – December 20, 2022 – One More Finish

In which I show my 13th finish donated to Project Linus in 2022, my new sign, lol, and some fusible snowflake fabric appliques I made on my Cricut Maker. Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus (for the rest of us), and may your week be a good one. Stay crafty y’all!

5 thoughts on “TTMT #449 – jewells68 – December 20, 2022 – One More Finish

  1. That little chalkboard is so fun! I can’t wait to see what else you do with it, especially when you get your colored markers.

    Yay for a finished quilt! I’m so glad you were able to get out the wonky quilting and get it all finished. It looks fantastic. I’m also loving that rack. How perfect is that for hanging a quilt?!

    Snowflakes look fantastic. I think the adhesive you’re using is also what the ladies who do appliqué for my Linus group prefer. It’s also what I use to make those letters over the summer. Good stuff!

    Happy holidays, love you lady!!


    1. I keep forgetting to order my markers. Off to do that now! lol

      It was nice to get one last quilt finished before the end of the year. I hadn’t finished anything for Linus since JULY.

      I really like the garment rack, and especially that I can store it under the bed flat when it’s not in use! It expands in width, so I’m thinking I can probably display up to three smaller quilts at a time on it, which should be helpful.

      I need to fuse that giant one onto something so I can do it as a display and photograph it, and then make them available online as well. It’s been a fun experiment. Useful for the shop AND myself at the same time, lol.

      I love you too! Happy Holidays!

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  2. The quilt from Sarah looks great! Nice colours.

    The applique looks like fun! It would be great on a cushion, I think.

    I’ve mostly used Steam-a-Seam and like it better than Heat n Bond (but I think when I tried it I used the wrong method for attaching and killed the bond without it actually bonding lol). But the loose paper on the SaS is kind of annoying for sure.


    1. Sarah’s quilt was just beautiful, so bright! I was glad to get one more finish in before the end of the year.

      It’s so huge it will have to be a sweatshirt or a cushion cover I think. I won’t be making them that large anymore. I like the little multi-size families I made after I finished the giant one. I’m going to do that with other seasonal shapes.

      I have mostly used steam a seam as well, but the paper shredded when trying to cut appliques. So far I’ve had the best luck with heat n bond (no steam required) and peeling the paper off before placing on a light grip mat.

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