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TTMT#112222-Happy Thanksgiving!

6 thoughts on “TTMT#112222-Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Wow, you have been busy! I love what you did with the chairs so far. I also have my grandmother’s chairs and recovered them some years ago. I highly recommend Scotch guarding them if you have any on hand! I’m absolutely sure that that has made my last so much longer.

    I’m loving those table runners! Your quilting looks especially fantastic. I hope you have a really lovely holiday with your family. 🦃


  2. Great job on the chairs! I totally would have saved the memory foam pad, to use for something else, too.

    I think the quilting on the table runners looks fantastic! I bought a pounce set and a few stencils during the pandemic but haven’t tried them yet. I also got some paper similar to golden threads at a garage sale that I thought I might try transferring the stencil design onto with a pencil or pen and then just quilting right through the paper but I haven’t tried that either. Heck I haven’t even quilted anything in months. But I am working toward that by cleaning my room. Any advice you have for the stencils would be appreciated. I have watched a few videos and they all recommend only pouncing once pass at a time right on the frame because otherwise it just rubs off before you get to it.


  3. Great job on the chairs. I have to redo and repair the dining room chairs from my parents set. It’s 57 yrs old and in need of some love and repairs from moves. It’s on the list lol

    The table runners turned out cute. Stencils are tricky. I think free motion practice is easier over time.

    Happy Thanksgiving


  4. Your chairs will be comfortable. Nice job. The table runners are a couple more completed projects, yeah. They look good too.


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