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TTMT #446 – jewells68 – November 22, 2022 – Project Room Progress

In which I talk about new thrift finds at Habitat ReStore that I’m using to create more organization in my Project Room. Let’s hope I can get these finished in the next couple days so I can get back to crafting!

10 thoughts on “TTMT #446 – jewells68 – November 22, 2022 – Project Room Progress

  1. Okay, I don’t know why but I could not watch your video on wordpress. It was really weird, but zero problems on YouTube proper. It was just playing really slowly and showing the wrong video while you were talking… super odd!

    That medicine cabinet is so nice. It’s going to be perfect for keeping your thread in. The black is just begging for some decoration. I wonder where you could get some vinyl, lol!

    Can’t wait to see how the white cabinet works out for you. I know it’s been an adventure so far!


    1. Well that is weird. Maybe it was still processing.

      K is making me a shelf for the medicine cabinet, I already gave him the dimensions I needed yesterday, and told him I don’t care what it’s made out of. I might just use some permanent vinyl to write “Quilting thread” in a fancy font, lol.

      I’ve got some legs ordered and hopefully one of the sets I ordered will fit the bill!

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  2. That’s going to make a great thread cabinet… what a great idea for a medicine cabinet. I have a couple thread stands, but they don’t fit on any of the shelves I have in my sewing room, so all my threads are in drawers… which is probably better for the thread anyway. Anyway.. I’ll be intrigued to see how you wind up setting up the sewing room!

    Happy Thanksgiving.


    1. Ideally I’d love to have the thread cabinet mounted inside the wall like an actual medicine cabinet, but that probably won’t happen, although I know we do have that kind of saw in the garage, lol. Anyway I am planning to use it specifically for my quilting thread cones, and am still coming up with a plan for all my serger cones. Those will probably be in drawers. I’m done with thread stands, I just don’t have surface space to have them sitting on things. And there is only so much reachable wall space in there to hang stuff!

      As you know this room is always evolving, lol


  3. Oh nice finds. I love the ReStore! The thread cabinet will be fabulous for keep it away from light and dust. I think something fancy on the panel would be nice. I agree with Jennifer that vinyl could work well.

    Have a great week

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    1. It’s obviously not big enough to store all the thread I own, but I’m hoping to curb purchasing thread if I don’t actually need new thread for a new project, so having limited storage space specifically for my quilting thread might help… I hope!


  4. Those cabinets are going to work great for your Accuquilt dies and thread storage. I like the cat panels on the design wall.


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