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I did a thing

Hi everyone, I finished two sewing projects, but will post next week.

I have just moved month ago, (long story)

I have just started a new job, best move I ever made. I have loads of free time now, so now I can sew.

Looking forward to sharing again.

Advice please. What is the best way to work through a mountain of UFO’s?

Love to all


4 thoughts on “I did a thing

  1. Glad to hear your new job gives you more free time!

    I wish I could crack the UFO code… I think maybe starting with either what excites you most or what will be easiest to finish so you have early success to keep up the momentum 😉

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  2. I’m so glad to hear you will have more time for yourself in your new job!

    I agree with Kristel, it is very tough to find the right recipe for UFO success. I have been stagnating for months. I don’t know if you follow Karen from Just Get it Done Quilts, but she has videos about tackling her UFOs. I haven’t actually done any of her challenges, but I did find some inspiration in this video. If nothing else it might spark an idea or two about how to make your own plan.

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