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6 thoughts on “TTMT#11922-SHOW N TELL HOUSTON ED. PT 2

  1. Girl I’m shopping with you next time! You found some great deals.

    It was truly delightful to hang out with everyone. I can’t wait until we do it again. I felt like everyone did click just like old friends. I hope you get a minute to rest up and catch your breath.

    Happy Crafting


  2. Ditto what Jennifer R said. It was like we knew each other but hadn’t seen each other in a while, not like we were meeting for the first time. I can’t wait to meet up with y’all again, and it definitely doesn’t have to be in Houston.


  3. Part 1 & 2 comment! 🙂

    Abbie, so good to see your face! I’m so impressed you recorded immediately after getting home. You go, girl!

    It’s hard to pass up the free bags, ha! I love how excited you are about all of your purchases. It was SUCH a fun time! Great deal on the walking foot!

    I really hope you like the bobbin thread. My machine LOVES it, but you never know. We are all enablers! I think half of our group ended up with Thread Cutterz, too.

    It’s amazing how well we all got along. I loved the HECK out of seeing everyone and how much our time together filled my heart. ♥

    Enjoy all of your goodies!


  4. Sounds like you found some really fun stuff! I need to go back and see the first video to check out the rest but I’m getting there. That red and gold Paris print looks really stunning!

    Glad to hear everyone had a great time 😄


  5. Houston part 2, was a great show n tell. You found some amazing crafting/sewing items. It sounds like y’all had a great time.


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