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TTMT #700 – Quilt Friends!!

Buckle up, my friends, because this is a long one! I talk about my trip to Houston for the International Quilt Festival and all the wonderful friends I got to see there as well as purchases, gifts received & given, and I give away a TTMT shirt! Are you the winner?!

10 thoughts on “TTMT #700 – Quilt Friends!!

  1. It was so good for the soul!!! Honestly exactly what I needed.
    Rock Star Amber started that blanket at the table at out TTMT meet up. She was almost done with a second one before we left 🤩

    I correctly decided to leave out the group goodies from my video. It figured someone would cover it and no one wants to see it over and over again.

    🥂 Until next time my friend! 🥂

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  2. Oh my, even though it was just a few days ago, it was so good for my soul and hear to see all these photos and remember. What a special trip! I love you ladies so much. And of course, you especially because you are the instigator of ALL of the things! I miss you, all of you!

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    1. This was by far the best group experience I’ve ever had. It was just…well, magical. Obviously, I could spend ALL THE TIME with you, but having so many wonderful friends who we got along with SO WELL was amazing. Just freaking amazing.


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