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TTMT #127 Post Festival

8 thoughts on “TTMT #127 Post Festival

  1. Your signature panel is adorable and the colors match the blocks hanging on the design wall. They are your colors. I am glad you had a great time meeting up with everyone.
    You made some great purchases. The Linus and bird track fabrics are cute.
    Safe travels and see you soon.


  2. I love the artist’s custom fabric. I did buy some, but not for myself. 😉

    Oh, nice fat quarters! I still can’t believe we didn’t do show & tell while we were there. Seeing what you bought has (mostly!) been a surprise!

    Hanging out was by far my favorite part of the week. ♥


  3. I echo Jennifer O’s comment. I knew about the first two panels, but all the other fabric was a total surprise to me. We should have had a show and tell Friday night!

    I want to thank you again. I hope I didn’t make your husband and daughter uncomfortable just making myself at home in your house, lol. But it was fantastic having that extra time before leaving. I truly cannot wait until we do this or something like it again.

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