TTMT Video

TTMT #699 – Getting Ready

Y’all be sure to watch until the end to hear some really fun trick-or-treat goodness!

8 thoughts on “TTMT #699 – Getting Ready

  1. One sleep!!!! I’m loving your shirt choice. I really should have given it more thought.

    The fandom shirt is fabulous. All those little stitches must have been tricky.

    Oh my the audio was adorable. I had Halloween rubber ducks. The kids sounded similarly excited about them. It is always fun to hear the delight in their voices.

    Ok See you tomorrow!!!!


  2. What a fun trick-or-treat setup for the kids! I love the t-shirts! Please don’t put my name in the drawing though – I’m afraid the shirt is a couple of sizes too small.

    By the way, I can feel the excitement coming through the computer from all the videos and I’m excited for you all.


    1. Lady, I would love to share a a shirt with you, all you need to do is tell me what size and color you want. 😉 I so hope to meet you in real life someday!

      I love Halloween and can’t help making it as fun as possible. We definitely had some fun visitors!

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  3. Woo! It’s weird to be watching this after the fact, but I love the leadup and excitement… it’s nowhere near as awesome as the day of!

    Love the audio of the kids, it’s so fun to hear their excitement.


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