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TTMT#102622-Couple of things

4 thoughts on “TTMT#102622-Couple of things

  1. The teddy bear quilt is adorable. What a great block rescue. I am glad you and your friend were able to generously support the new quilt guild. It sounds like you got some good deals. I look forward to seeing what you got.
    Wow, to go listen to a talk about Jane Sickle! Wish I could go to something like that. The pillowcase will probably get a lot of use. I am glad you will get to see your son on the way home from Houston. Safe travels.


  2. What a bummer and more people did not bid on the auction! I think they get shy when it’s an actual auction. They need to have mimosas or something to loosen everyone up!

    I’m glad you had the opportunity to visit and learn more about Jane Stickle. I know how much that means to you!

    Looking forward to seeing how your projects turn out and seeing you for real next week!


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