TTMT Video

TTMT #697 – Lots of Good Stuff!

In which I talk about the Silent Auction totals, share what I won in the auction, some mail, quilt finishes, and more!

One thought on “TTMT #697 – Lots of Good Stuff!

  1. EEEEEEEEE the AQ Baby haul is so fantastic. I am so excited on your behalf that you will be able to do fun stuff combining your dies and embroidery machine together.

    I love how you are just back into the swing of crafting now that the auction is over. That’s so awesome. The donation is fantastic, and what great quilts those will make!!

    11 more days until Houston, woo! Deciding what to bring to have signed, even if it’s just a solid fat quarter, is on my agenda over the next few days. So excited to seeyou for a THIRD time this year! Best Birthday gift ever. 🙂


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