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3 thoughts on “TTMT#10422-Charity

  1. Hey on a Tuesday!!!
    At least you have been posting, more than I can say.

    Your quilting is looking good. What a great top to practice different techniques on.

    I’m so excited to Festival!!! I can’t wait. It will be nice and warm for you even if it’s cold for here. I don’t think it will be. It’s been a sizzler of a year. I think the high today is 87. So hopefully It’s significantly cooler by then.

    Happy Crafting


  2. It’s chillier here now too. I had to wear my hoodie to walk yesterday morning. Our home office is an addition that wasn’t part of the original house and has no furnace outlets. We bought a vornado whole room heater last winter and it works SO GOOD. Then we bought one for our daughter’s bedroom because the heater vents in her room haven’t blown air in YEARS and the space heater she was using previously died. The vornado is fan freaking tastic. They don’t increase our electric bill all that much either. And it truly does heat up the whole room, and it’s a big one (the home office anyway). And quickly, too.

    So excited for festival! I need to get myself a shirt sorted, we did all of y’alls and haven’t done mine yet.

    I haven’t used my longarm in months. MONTHS. I need to start scheduling one day a week and start practicing again. That was a great way to practice with you changing patterns as you went.


  3. Layers! I have no idea when we’ll make it to needing even a light jacket. I’m hoping it cools down by the time everyone is here for a festival!

    Your charity projects are looking great. I absolutely love the quilting that you did for practice. I had all these grand ideas last year for learning new techniques and I ended up just doing the same things that I love. Oh well, maybe next year!

    Take care! One month, can’t wait!


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