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TTMT #125 Hello October πŸŽƒ

4 thoughts on “TTMT #125 Hello October πŸŽƒ

  1. It’s so good to see you! The mini storm at sea looks phenomenal. Cannot wait to see it all finished!

    It’s so good to hear that your middle child is doing well. Having roommates sounds like a fantastic idea. I will think good thoughts for them during grad school!

    Yay for show season! I imagine you are so so proud of your youngest!

    I will make sure to have plenty of room for all of the stuff you need me to take away for you. I had really hoped to see you before now but life has just been too crazy. Worst case scenario, one more month!


  2. Yay for seeing you. Good to hear middle child is settling into the new place and that is so fantastic that they picked her design and are using it for the show.

    That mini storm at sea is just stunning, STUNNING! I am the same way though. Once I finish something, especially if I find something annoying or tedious about it, I’m just done with that pattern forever, lol.


  3. The mini storm at sea is fantastic.
    Yeah for getting everyone moved.
    Sounds like the costume department/designer has been busy.


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