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TTMT-92922-So much to say!

3 thoughts on “TTMT-92922-So much to say!

  1. Busy, busy! I am so glad to hear how successful your quilt show was! That is wonderful news. Great job on the top on the wall. The basket weave works great. I’m liking your stack and whack and laughed out loud when you said you were going to add some orange. 2022 is definitely your year for orange!

    It’s awesome that you’re making surgeon caps for your friend. Makes total sense that you need to alter the band though I can totally see how you would not think of that at first! I probably would have done the same thing. I hope camping has been fun!


  2. Oh I’m glad your show was such a great turn out. It’s so much work and so hard to know after the Rona who will come.

    The surgeon caps look good. I can totally see the need for them to taper like that in the back, but would not have thought of it to start.

    Happy Crafting


  3. Wow that sounds like a great event for your quilt fest! I bet you were totally exhausted. I’m so glad it was a success.

    Sounds like you had a good visit with Patrick!

    I need a place where I can rent a table and sell fabric. I need to get rid of this and I just can’t sew fast enough to use it up.


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