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TTMT #115 Top Hats and Ribbons

Update on Steven- He had surgery on Sept. 15th and recovering well. He will have to do some follow-up test because the mass they removed was cancerous. The doctor feels that they got it all. But because we wouldn’t have known about the mass if he wouldn’t have gotten the infection, they feel they need to confirm there is no other masses unchecked.

7 thoughts on “TTMT #115 Top Hats and Ribbons

  1. Oops, I hit send before I was finished with my comments. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RIBBONS! I’m not surprised; your quilts are always exquisite. I like the hats. I was thinking that a hat quilt would be great with 9 or 12 different hat styles – top hat, bowler, baseball cap, beret, etc. along with women’s hats.


  2. Jeanie, I am so glad surgery is over and hope with all my heart the doctors got it all. Healing thoughts for Steven!

    I am so excited and proud for you and your Ripley Tomato Quilt! That is just awesome! And Nashville in January?! How cool!!

    The top hats are just great. I love the idea of that. The hat bands would be a great place for novelty fabrics. I like the size, but I could also see a smaller size for a wall hanging.


  3. Oh I hope Steven is continuing to be in on the mend. Honestly thank god for the infection bring the situation to light given he didn’t have anything else going on. Ugh I am so sorry you guys are going through this.
    I sending good healing thoughts & hugs your way.

    Congratulations on your Ripley Tomato Quilt and


  4. Oops I send before I finished.
    I love the top hats. I personally think any size is fine depending on what you intend to use it for. Great pattern for splashes of color and fun fabric!

    Take care


  5. Jeanie You so deserved those awards and ribbons, that is so fantastic that you won those! ANd I love the top hats, they are a great size AND I think a quilt of nothing but top hats will be very cool.

    I am so glad your husband’s surgery went well. I hope he continues to heal well and thank goodness they found it when they did.


  6. It’s so long since you posted this and I’m behind on videos so I don’t know if you’ve posted any updates, but I really hope your husband is doing well!

    Very exciting, not at all surprising, that you won ribbons for your quilt… it turned out so well!

    The top hats look really good as well… I think the size is fine, depending what size quilt you want to make. But if it’s going to annoy you having them big… better to make them smaller.


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