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TTMT #694 – The Function of a Rubber Duck

This week finds me answering the mystery of the function of a rubber duck while sharing some gifts made for a friend. I also share some quilting, something AWESOME my daughter shared as well as a piece of art that I am very excited about!

I incorrectly referred to adrianmartinus as “He” (repeatedly! 😬) when they are actually three individuals. I should have double-checked before recording. Sorry about that!

7 thoughts on “TTMT #694 – The Function of a Rubber Duck

  1. Oh my goodness I love the duck! The shirt is hilarious. I’m sure he appreciated all of the awesomeness you made!

    I quilted like a made woman on Saturday as well. Just trying to get through the stack.
    Your stack is much larger than mine 😁

    I adore Adrian Martinus stuff. Just so pretty. Enjoy!

    Happy Crafting


  2. The birthday gifts for Eric are neat. Glad you had a fun evening with friends.
    You have a lot of Linus quilts to get quilted. They will will be great for all those kids. Speaking of kids sounds like yours is a chip off the block, making a knitted blanket for Linus. I can see why your heart is full.
    The hexagon skateboard art piece is cool.


  3. I love the grey shirt wearing a grey shirt wearing a grey shirt, lol. That is hilarious. The rubber duck is adorbs also. I love that you are getting to do stuff in your sewing room, too. And a blanket from Elena! That’s so cool.


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