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TTMT#92222-Let’s try this again-Tshirt resizing take 2

SSSSOOOO Jennifer O noticed that the video that I said was about tshirts a couple of weeks ago was actually a repeat. I checked youtube and apparently this video was still in draft. It should be the correct video now.

Had a great Bennington Quiltfest, but I’m tired and Patrick is visiting from Raleigh so… you get the “real” tshirt resizing video this week!

3 thoughts on “TTMT#92222-Let’s try this again-Tshirt resizing take 2

  1. I’ll have to check out the Tshirt resizing video. I have a couple that need to be made smaller. Sounds like your quilt show was good.


  2. Boy did you ever resize some shirts! They look fantastic. I still update a tee to a she-shirt from time to time. I’m a size larger in the hips than on top so I need a wider waist and off the rack shirts rarely fit me correctly!


  3. I need to do that to shirts too. The one I bought on the island a couple weeks ago is too small, so I will be attempting and increase! We shall see… You did a great job! I have a bit more confidence now.


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