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TTMT #693 – Not So Heavy Metal

In which I AM NOT wearing a blue shirt (seriously, how did I manage a blue shirt FIVE Tuesdays in a row?!) and share some finishes plus some goodies I received in the mail.

The yarn used in the blanket is Lion Brand Cupcake in Sand Castle. Unfortunately, it’s discontinued, but there seem to be a few skeins still floating around out there!

Thanks again to Sarah in Houston for the goodies! ♥

2 thoughts on “TTMT #693 – Not So Heavy Metal

  1. Those irons are so fun! I actually had one just like the two metal travel irons that I picked up at a thirft store. It needed some serious cleaning and when I hadn’t gotten to it after a year I decided to just donate it back to goodwill.

    I have purchased a new modern travel iron for travel, but when it dies I will probably go vintage again because I love that they have no holes.

    Ooh new cosplay! I look forward to seeing that come together.


    1. I didn’t know the iron you redonated was the same one! My first one was a bit icky when I bought it, but a little iron cleaner took care of that and I have used it ever since. BUT, as you are well aware, definitely not cordless!

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