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TTMT #690 – An Unexpected Souvenir

In which I share a couple of in-progress projects, plus souvenirs my son and husband brought home from their trip abroad, including one unexpected (but let’s be honest, not THAT unexpected) one. For the record, I am a first-time recipient of this particular “gift.”

7 thoughts on “TTMT #690 – An Unexpected Souvenir

  1. Boo for Covid, but it’s a sneaky devil. You can do everything “right” and still get it. Hurray for Scotland! The Edinburgh Tattoo was supposed to be our 25th anniversary trip 2 years ago, but again…Covid. It may be back on the list for next year. Going to a Scottish festival this weekend to listen to the bagpipes. Love the ornaments!


    1. My hubs and I *just* missed the tattoo when we were there in 2018. The last one had been a week prior and they were still removing seating. He’d wanted to see it ever since! Here’s hoping you get to go next year!

      Eh, I figured I’d get it eventually. I was the last person standing in our family, so I feel like I deserve a prize! 😉

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  2. Ah, Scotland…..sigh. I miss going to the Highland Games in NC, the closest I’ll ever get to my ancestral homeland. I LOVE those ornaments, and the bears…and spoon!

    Not to downplay anything at all but I figure eventually everybody will have at least one round of covid. I’m still waiting on mine, but it’s one of the few times being homebound has its advantages. Get well soon!


  3. I got my covid out of the way before retreat, you got it after, I’m just so glad it didn’t interfere with our time together! And that we all were prepared and thus resulted in milder bouts. I cannot even imagine feeling like I did the first couple days for 1-2 weeks (or more!).

    The remainder of your souvenirs were really awesome. The tiny iron is just adorable! Consider Habitat restore for an upper kitchen wall cabinet (or lowe’s!) with glass doors to keep all your stuffies from getting dusty. I’m on the search these days for just that sort of thing when thrifting for storing thread and collectibles.

    Love you so much!!! I’m so glad I was able to come while the boys were away.*glomps*


  4. Hope you’re feeling even better already. Sounds like your husband and son had a great trip… they found some fun souvenirs for you! The bears are very cute. I really like the cow ornament and the unicorn… well, they’re all pretty great.

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