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TTMT #437 – jewells68 – August 23, 2022 – Post BFF Retreat Xtravaganza

I’m back from Austin with SO many things to talk about and show you… yet somehow I managed to keep it under 10 minutes. You will see all the quilt tops for Project Linus that I pieced on retreat and some goodies I grabbed at various places while in town. It was the longest retreat we have ever had and we had such wonderful quality BFF time!

10 thoughts on “TTMT #437 – jewells68 – August 23, 2022 – Post BFF Retreat Xtravaganza

  1. I think you remembered all the things I forgot, so we covered our bases!

    The chicks don’t get less cute!!

    SO MANY QUILTS. We rocked those orphan blocks!

    Definitely sisters by choice, though “other mister” made me laugh!


    1. Oh good. I forgot to mention the cups so I made the photo my thumbnail, worked out great
      OMG those chicks. I can’t wait to do something with those. I am thinking maybe 9 patches with them as the center square. But must not obsess about it now, lol


  2. I think I donated those round Star Wars blocks! I love what you did with them. They were supposed to be a quilt for my Star Wars-obsessed nephew, but I lost interest in the blocks and went with scrappy spider web blocks instead (I think he loves spiders ALMOST as much as Chewbacca).
    I used to be able to sew with my BFF once a year at Quilt Camp, 375 miles away, but her sewing daughter accepted a job promotion really close to me, and now we have a BFF Sewing Day every other month, hooray! Sewing with friends is the BEST!


    1. I believe you did! Jennifer gave me the name of the person who donated them. I still need to stitch down a couple of the circles, but the rest were already zigzagged. I may just quilt over the ones that hadn’t been zig zagged yet. I still have the remainder of the non-star wars circle blocks that were in the same pkg to use in another quilt, but all of those need to be zigzagged still so I will probably do that before making them into another Project Linus quilt.
      ANd you are right, sewing with friends is absolutely the best!


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