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TTMT#81022-Little repurposing

3 thoughts on “TTMT#81022-Little repurposing

  1. Wow, busy lady! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed your retreat. Loving the bin organization, but of course I do!

    Your repurposed bag is great. I love that you made the outside of the bag into the lining. That is so clever!

    Have fun on your girl’s trip!


  2. I love that panel behind you. that’s from Hoffman isn’t it? We have a pattern that was designed for that panel at the shop that I have been eyeing. It’s such a gorgeous panel!

    I love that bag! that’s really cute. You are so busy! I bet you are excited about your upcoming show.

    Hope you and your daughter have a great trip!


  3. The room of quilts freaked me out. I was feeling claustrophobic from the photo lol.
    Impressive but yikes

    I’m glad you are able to have some fun on retreats & cruising! You photos look gorgeous

    Great repurposed bag. I like the fabric.

    Happy Travels


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