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TTMT#8222-It’s a Circus!

5 thoughts on “TTMT#8222-It’s a Circus!

  1. Your bookshelf challenge is neat. I like the mini quilt that you are going to hang on it.

    The quilting on its a circus is great.
    Yeah for the kiddo.finding a job.

    Have fun on your mini retreat.


  2. I love your circus quilt. It’s really fun! How did you like doing the ruler work? Your quilting looks really good.

    Your bookshelf quilt is very cute, I love the 3d effects.


  3. I don’t know what’s on the wall behind you (digital print?) but it’s gorgeous.

    The quilting on Its a Circus looks very cool… you really went all out with that.
    The bookshelf looks really neat… the Elizabeth selfie is perfect for the teacup.

    Hope you had a great retreat


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