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TTMT #433 – jewells68 – July 26, 2022 – Down with the Sickness

In which I show my 12th blanket donation to Project Linus this year, a quilted wall hanging I made last week, and talk about being sick. I’m (hopefully) teaching another paper piecing class this Sunday. It’s sold out so I really hope I don’t have to reschedule. Down below my video I’m including one of my favorite covers because I’ve had it in my head for days.

12 thoughts on “TTMT #433 – jewells68 – July 26, 2022 – Down with the Sickness

  1. You look good for having the plague. I’m glad you are doing better than expected. No fun obviously but a quick illness for a period of not having to worry about it sounds not to bad.

    I love your like Paper Piecing wall hanging. It’s really cute.

    I have been awful this year of video making. No really reason. I have been busy but I not necessarily busier than past years. I’m trying to make it a priority to get back at it.

    Feel better soon and fingers crossed your class is a go for Sunday.


    1. I am amazed how quickly this thing progressed. It hit me out of nowhere but has continued to speed through all the phases so I’m pretty sure I’ll be good to work this weekend.
      I had fun piecing the wall hanging. It will still look nice in the display even if I did miss the party last weekend.
      I thought I would have ZERO problems making videos once I left the tv station, but that has not been the case. I am working on structuring my weeks a bit more so I can get things done I want to get done.


  2. Hope you’re feeling up to teaching your class this weekend. (fingers crossed) for possible temporary immunity


    1. I am feeling SO much better. I just made myself breakfast (french toast! with pumpkernickel bread). Now of course my husband has it and Miss P is hiding in her room when she’s not at work to keep away from us. The Dr said I this immunity should be good for almost 90 days and to not get my 2nd booster until maybe October now. Of course, when yet another variant pops up all bets are off. 😦


    1. I’m feeling much better thank you! So far my daughter still has no symptoms, and my husband is definitely on the mend, but this thing really does wear you out, that’s for sure.

      I was back to work this weekend and got to hang up my wall hanging. 🙂

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  3. Get well! I’m sure you are doing much better by now.
    Glad to hear that you are going to Houston.

    The paper piecing wall hanging is adorable.


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