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TTMT #683 – Hodgepodge

In which I share a bunch of random odds & ends and yet another update on my foot situation.

Don’t miss The Linus Connection’s CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE this Saturday at St. Philip’s in Round Rock!

TTMT Videomakers: Jewells and I are making shirts for everyone who wants one. You supply the shirt and we do the rest. Details are in the TTMT Goes To Houston FB group. If you aren’t on FB, you should have gotten an email from me. Sign-ups close on FRIDAY, so please make sure you fill out the form! Shirts are not due yet, so please don’t panic if you haven’t sent one. ♥

4 thoughts on “TTMT #683 – Hodgepodge

  1. I’m so sorry about the foot. This news is complete shit!

    I hope your trip is fantastic.

    I’m glad you’re able to crochet as a time filler while you recover.

    I do wish I could be at the sale. One of these times!

    Oh how fun to do a swap with the kiddo. I love when one of my kids is crafty. It makes me so happy.

    Organization envy 🤣

    Happy Crafting, Safe Travels, and speedy recovery!


  2. catching up this morning on videos. We have talked about pretty much all of this already, so suffice it to say I love how you are exploring all things cricut and making such cool stuff. Also I’m glad I watched this, it reminded me I need to order some tees, lol.


  3. The cricut purchase really is doing lots for you, isn’t it? I had no idea those things could be used with such a wide variety of materials. It’s very cool to see it all!


    1. That’s really why I waited so long to buy one. Being off my feet led to a rabbit hole of video watching and my mind was totally blown by all the things it can do! You know I want to try them all…


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