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A Walk in the (Bio)Park

Today I’m sharing a different kind of post. My daughter Miss P and I spent our morning at the Albuquerque BioPark Zoo. We hadn’t been there since pre-pandemic, and since our last visit they had opened the new Penguin Chill exhibit. OMG I am so glad we went. The penguins are so much fun. It made me so happy watching them from above water and also underneath. It’s a really amazing exhibit. Anyway, I’m sharing the link to my folder on flickr for our trip today. There are photos and videos that I took throughout. the penguins. Oh my, I cannot even express how awesome that exhibit is. We started and ended our visit there. At the end, they were manufacturing snow for the penguins. So many of them were standing there enjoying the snow. One in particular just stood there and did not move. He or she just wanted to stand as the snow fell.

7 thoughts on “A Walk in the (Bio)Park

    1. We are planning a trip this Fall to the Botanic Gardens and Aquarium. My daughter could not believe I have never been. She has been a bunch of times with the Y and for school field trips. If the bus went all the way there it would be well worth the annual membership just to go regularly and walk around but it’s basically across the road from the tv station so not a drive I want to do all the time with gas prices as they are.


        1. She did! She has always loved that and the Natural history museum and Explora Science Center. Another place I haven’t been. We are planning some regular mom and daughter outings like these going forward. It was really nice.

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  1. Oh it looks like such a fun day! We haven’t been to the Zoo since right before we left NC. I just said to the kiddos last week. I want to visit our zoo here.

    Glad you guys go to spend the day together animal peeping.


    1. We have been wanting to see that penguin exhibit since it opened but covid hit right after. It’s so amazing. They just swim right up to you. Otters at the aquarium are next on my to see list.


  2. I love the penguin exhibit at our local zoo… they’re very curious about you and kind of show-offy. Makes it fun 😀 I want to go in the winter some year because they do a penguin walk when it’s not too cold or windy and you can see them all outside toddling along in a line.

    Sounds like you had a fun trip. I was reading in your other comments about places you haven’t been to in your town, and it’s kind of funny because I think about that sometimes… how many local places I’ve never been. They’re the kind of places you take guests that come to town, but somehow wouldn’t go yourself. We never really have guests, though!


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