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TTMT #680 – Sit A Spell

In which I share some mail and a couple of finishes for The Linus Connection.

The long version of the doctor’s appointment story is this: my surgeon left her practice, and medicine altogether, in March or April last year. She referred me to one of her colleagues, who has since also left that same practice, but not the medical field. ALL of the doctors my surgeon worked with have now left. Two of them are starting a new practice, but aren’t taking patients until the end of July. I tried to get in with about six different podiatrists and none of them are taking new patients for at least a month. Since I could not get in immediately to see a podiatrist, I have an appointment with an “injury specialist” at my clinic’s urgent care this afternoon. At the very least, I want to make sure I haven’t seriously damaged my already damaged foot! Whew! See why I didn’t want to explain all that in video?!

TTMT Videomakers! If you are on Facebook, you should have an invite to our private group to discuss going to Quilt Festival. If you don’t have an invite, just let me know here and I’ll add you! If you aren’t on FB and want details, just drop me an email. Sewhooked at Gmail. ♥

9 thoughts on “TTMT #680 – Sit A Spell

  1. I hope you turn the blocks from your Great Aunt Ruby and the lace from your Grandmother into a quilt for you or one of your kids. Those blocks are special.

    Hope your foot and ankle are feeling better as the day goes by.

    The mail bag brought a lot of quilts for you to finish. I’m sure you will get to them as soon as your foot/ankle will let you.


  2. Sounds like a really special bit of mail from your aunt! I hope you find something great to use the lace for (for yourself, I mean!) so that you can keep some of it in the family.

    Hope you get good news with the foot! Good luck with the new doctor hunt.

    The crochet blanket looks very nice!


    1. I’m loving the hand pieced blocks. It delights me to have anything quilt or sewing related from family.

      The foot news could be worse. It isn’t broken, but I have to wear my post-surgery boot for two weeks. Crutches as needed.


  3. Oh the blocks from your Aunt are so cool to have ! I’m sure you will come up with something splendid for them.

    The new ugly pillow reminds me of the blocks I sent you are the Action Jaxson Super hero quilt. Yum polyester 🤣

    I hope you are on the mend ❤️


  4. What treasures your aunt sent you! Such sweet blocks. I have no doubt you will come up with something special for them.
    Ooooh that lace. So many things you could do with that, Maybe trim a toss pillow for your bed or even a night gown or a blouse like the one you are warding now.
    Oooh new ugly pillow!


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