TTMT Video

TTMT 121 Finally! A Video

5 thoughts on “TTMT 121 Finally! A Video

  1. You were in my neck of the woods, when you came to Michigan.

    Your cap and shawl are looking great.

    Thoughts and prayers for your husband and family.


  2. Ooh the shawl is fantastic.

    The t-shirt is perfect! They have been on fire 🔥 lately.

    I’m sorry about Rich’s cousin. I hope things are beginning to settle down. It was good of you both to help her the way you have.

    Take care


  3. It is so good to hear and see you lady, you have been busy. Moving someone from their long time home is a lot of work.

    I am so glad to hear your diagnosis has changed. Your attitude through all this is so positive, and it’s great that you have managed to find time to continue working on your beautiful projects.

    That shawl is so lovely. And it’s a cute shirt!


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