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TTMT #431 – jewells68 – June 15, 2022 – So Many Things!

In which I show off the EIGHT blankets I donated this past weekend (7 quilts and 1 crocheted granny-ghan) as well as some random stuff and orphan blocks I brought home to start new ones (of course!). I taught my first class at Hip Stitch and had so much fun that I am looking forward to the next one this weekend!

Just focusing on keeping my brain distracted and busy and try not to dwell about things that are beyond my control.

Stay crafty y’all!

11 thoughts on “TTMT #431 – jewells68 – June 15, 2022 – So Many Things!

  1. Of course your class went well. I for one knew it would. Congratulations on (almost) making your annual goal so early. Now everything else will just be icing on the cake. Your quilts are adorable and so is the granny-ghan. Have a great week and enjoy your next class!\


    1. The nervous energy in the week leading up to my class is the main reason I got so much finished. By Sunday I was SO exhausted! So this week has been pretty lazy outside of a couple of work shifts.


  2. Woo, you knocked it out of the park this month! The fish on the back of the lobster quilt is my favorite thing, lol!

    I new you would be awesome at teaching. I hope your second class goes just as well, if not better than, the first one!


    1. I loved the fish on the back of the lobsters as well. Currently the quilting frame is back to being a storage table for a bunch of other crap, but I need to get a move on if I want to get something done for July!

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  3. Go you getting through all those quilts! That’s awesome you’re so close to your yearly goal… nice to get it done early and know that anything else is just a bonus!

    I’m not surprised your class went well – I can imagine you’d be a great teacher.. enthusiastic and knowledgeable! I hope the second is/was great as well!


    1. Aw shucks, thanks! Now I just need to get my quilting frame cleared off to use again instead of being a place to store stuff so I can quilt the rest of my finished tops.

      Second class also went well. I got good feedback from my students, and have a couple more sessions scheduled in July. Meanwhile I’m trying to come up with a follow-up for folks that have already taken the first one.

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      1. I’d guess a follow up one could just go more intense,.. More and smaller pieces so you could teach about strategies for dealing with the fabric bulk… or (ugh) doing y-seams when piecing things together – have you done that in anything you’ve made? The challengers had one y-seamed piece, and I have a handful of patterns from Happy Sew Lucky that use it too. I always feel like (some) of the point of pp is to avoid those types of things though lol.

        From a more design side, maybe you could teach simple pattern creation – how to make letters or round shapes or whatever… I don’t know if that all takes computers though? I’ve never made more than blocky letters, which I made using graph paper. Or about strategies for choosing fabrics for certain design elements (ie. not piecing an eye if you can find a suitable dot type thing… waves for hair etc)… This is getting to be a very long comment that’s probably full of things you’ve already thought about haha.


        1. So I required a book “Learn to paper piece” by nacy mahoney, for my first class. There are 5 patterns in the book, and I guess I thought maybe I could teach another block or maybe a combination of them for a followup, but really if they have taken my first class, they should be able to do any in the book. SO that is my conundrum. I hate to require yet another pattern for the next class but I might.


  4. Go you!!! That’s fantastic to be hitting your goal mid year.

    The circles are oddly funny to me. I do love how you pick the unusual things and knock out something fun with them.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I will definitely come up with a plan for the circles, but they are definitely weird. I’m wondering if it was meant for something else entirely. Like tortilla warmers or something, lol.


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